Compassionate Maricopa County AZ Family Law Attorney Protects Your Family

Few cases are as emotionally trodden and have higher stakes than family law cases. The outcome of your divorce, child custody case or other family legal matter can impact your future for years to come, along with the relationship between you and your children. When you are confronting a family law matter, it is critical that you have an experienced Maricopa County AZ family law attorney by your side.

Gavin Curtis, the founding attorney of Curtis Law, focuses exclusively on family law. This has allowed him time to develop the skill and experience necessary to advocate for the needs of her clients and their families.

Experienced Maricopa County Arizona Family Lawyer Offers Comprehensive Legal Services

Curtis Law provides exemplary legal services in a variety of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce - In some divorce cases, the spouses are ready to split ways and can amicably resolve most of their issues with the help of experienced legal counsel. In other cases, the parties may not agree on core aspects of their divorce, including child custody, property division, child support, spousal support or other matters. In these cases, litigation may be necessary to resolve the issues between the parties and a strong advocate is necessary to protect your rights.

  • Child custody - Arizona respects the rights of both parents to have a meaningful relationship with their children. If you and the other parent agree on child custody, you can ask the court to make an official order regarding this agreement. However, if you disagree on how to divide parenting time or who will have the legal right to make decisions concerning your children, you will need a strong legal advocate on your side like Gavin Curtis.

  • Child support - All children have the right to be financially supported by their parents. Mr. Curtis can help you obtain the support your children need and deserve.

  • Orders of protection – When domestic violence is involved in a relationship, an order of protection can help protect the victim and put a stop to this abuse. Curtis Law helps obtain protective orders on behalf of victims and challenges them when a person is falsely accused.

  • Mediation - Mediation is often an effective way to resolve family law issues while minimizing conflict and expense. Mr. Curtis will often recommend mediation to help resolve divorce issues or child custody matters to avoid the time and expense of litigation.

  • Modification of orders – Situations may change that justify changing an existing family court order, such as adjusting the amount of child support or revising parenting time as part of a child custody case. When you need to make a change, it is important to have an experienced Maricopa County Arizona family law attorney represent your interests.

Contact a Skilled Maricopa County AZ Family Law Attorney for Help with Your Case

If you are getting a divorce, are involved in a child custody dispute or otherwise involved in a family law matter, it is important to retain the services of a knowledgeable Maricopa Arizona family lawyer. Call us at (623) 850-8368 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation.


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