Areas of Expertise

Divorce litigation

Family Lawyer

In a divorce litigation case, I am your advocate with the court and the opposing party. I will work with you to create a list of goals and strategies to obtain the outcome you are looking for that is consistent with the current state of the law. I am your advocate from the beginning of the case through a voluntary settlement or trial, if necessary. I will handle all of the issues that may come up, including child custody and splitting marital assets. Divorcing couples are often able to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. I can help you get there, even if you believe your spouse is the biggest jerk on the planet..


Child-Parent Relationship

In a custody case, the issues are typically legal decision-making, parenting time, and child support. I will work with you to either modify existing court orders, or establish new orders. If your original case is outside of the state of Arizona, I can also help you domesticate your case in Arizona under certain circumstances. Custody cases can be very emotionally taxing because the parties will usually have an existing high-conflict relationship. It is important that you choose an attorney that won’t throw gasoline on the fire. I will work with the client and the opposing party or attorney to resolve your case with as little conflict and expense as possible.


Mediation Meeting

As a mediator, I am not an advocate for either party, rather, you and your spouse or significant other come to me together in order to resolve your dispute outside of court. I am a trained evaluative mediator. This means that my role is not only to facilitate an agreement between the parties, but I will also evaluate each parties’ position in light of current Arizona family law so that the parties know what a likely outcome would be if they took an issue to trial. Mediation is typically lower-conflict and it has the added benefit of being private and less expensive than the typical litigated divorce or custody case.

child support

Mediating parties

In some cases, child support is the only issue between the parties. I will help you with establishing new support orders, or modifying existing orders. Sometimes back child support or child support arrears are in issue as well. I can help you in any of these cases.